A simple, but guaranteed way to grow your business

A marketing fact is that selling is a ‘numbers-game’.

Out of everyone who sees your adverts, website, brochures or sales letters, usually a certain percentage of them will buy if you’ve created and articulated a compelling offer to the right target market.
Depending on your business model, if only one out of every 100 people buys your products and services, you are most likely to be successful.

So what about the ones who don’t buy – the other 99%?

This group of non-buyers probably did not buy for the following reasons – no need, no money, no desire, no interest or no trust.  The effective business will drill a bit deeper and determine if these prospects had any clear objections to buying your product or service. If you have left one or two unanswered objections, then you are probably leaving a fortune on the table.

But what if there were ways you could get more of these people to buy? There are. The way to do this is by expertly overcoming these buyers’ objections.

Overcoming objections in person is a master skill in selling. Doing it effectively in your advertising, website, brochures and sales letters is a unique skill that most businesses do not develop. Because most business owners, managers and marketers have no idea how to do this the right way, they lose out on a fortune in lost profits.

Today I’m going to share with you how not to make this critical mistake. How do you minimize objections made to your written offers? How do you overcome them in your sales copy and advertising to dramatically increase your sales?

One of the primary buying objections I constantly see as a direct response copywriter is – “People don’t believe your product or service will live up to its promise”.

Because today’s buyers are skeptical, this is the most common buyer objection. Consumers have an aversion to marketing pitches that sound too good to be true or are jammed with ‘hype’ and unlikely advertising claims. Simply, the consumer does not trust you.

The best way to overcome this objection is to inject proof and certainty into your advertising, brochures and sales letters. People love proof, certainty and trust. Proof can be in the form of testimonials, case studies, success quotes from respectable sources, market facts, guarantees and successful track records.

You obviously want to highlight your best and strongest proof elements and present and demonstrate them in a way that your prospective buyers will believe them. If you consistently do this, then you’ll have more people buying from you than ever before.

Writing sales copy for clients, I’ve seen profits skyrocket when adding carefully-selected testimonials of proof to adverts, websites, presentations, brochures and sales letters. It sometimes meant just adding or changing a few sentences. By literally taking just a few minutes to make these slight, but critical adjustments, the results were able to be measured in big revenue spikes.

Clearly articulating and demonstrating your product or service benefits into a very compelling offer, backed up by proof that it works in a trustworthy and professional way is a surefire way to turbocharge your sales and profits.

A simple marketing idea, but I assure you that the majority of businesses and their advertising get this completely wrong. It results in wasteful advertising and lost profits.

Highlighting proof and increasing trust is the best way to overcome objections from that large group of prospects who are evaluating your offers in adverts. 

John Lloyd is a business growth strategist, award-winning marketing consultant, speaker, trainer, columnist and author of Smart Thinking for Crazy Times. Visit John at www.brandstorm.co.za

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Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm

‘If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.’ – Bruce Barton

This is an essential life skill for everyone, but especially for younger people charting their way to workplace success.

I learnt this vital lesson very early in my career: it is possible to make up for a lack of experience, a lack of skill and a lack of know-how in your chosen career by compensating your shortcomings with sufficient enthusiasm.

And on the other side of the coin: no amount of skill and experience can make up for the absence of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is one of the critical success skills needed to build a winning career. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm.

In my opinion, the three single biggest success skills in your life are Enthusiasm, Attitude, and Rapport. Remind yourself of these by using the acronym EAR.

Wake up each day with the right attitude, display genuine enthusiasm in all you do, build authentic rapport with everyone you deal with and I guarantee you will achieve all you want in life. 

‘Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.’ – Ivern Ball

John Lloyd is a business growth strategist, award-winning marketing consultant, speaker, trainer, columnist and author. Buy a copy of his book Smart Thinking for Crazy Times at a smart bookstore today (www.brandstorm.co.za / john@brandstorm.co.za).