50 Shades of Marketing – Fifty marketing weapons to grow your business

In this article I’d like to recommend that you do a quick audit of your marketing and business growth performance. Evaluate this checklist of 50 marketing weapons. Are you optimising all of these in your marketing toolkit to promote your product and service? And if you are using these tools, can you improve, leverage, maximise and multiply the effectiveness thereof. Take note how many of these are free or low cost.

  1. Marketing plan
  2. A marketing calendar
  3. Brand identity
  4. Value proposition
  5. Business cards (printed on both sides/ the one side contains your customer benefits)
  6. Stationery
  7. Your target audience
  8. Sales letters
  9. Education-based marketing – how do you educate prospects and customers?
  10. Telephone marketing
  11. Sales training
  12. Networking
  13. Media contacts
  14. PR
  15. Your core story
  16. Elevator pitch
  17. Your sales kit
  18. Your sales presentation
  19. A benefits list
  20. Client workshops
  21. Competitive advantages (what makes your business different?)
  22. Call to action (in your ads, sales pitches, website, brochures etc.)
  23. Barter agreements that saves you money
  24. Word-of-mouth strategies
  25. Direct mail
  26. Advertising – print, radio and online
  27. List building
  28. An e-mail signature (with a tagline that describes the benefits that you offer)
  29. Guarantees and risk reversal that eliminates risk for your customers
  30. E-mail marketing
  31. A web site
  32. A search engine ranking
  33. Electronic brochures
  34. How social are you? – A blog, Twitter, Linked-in, Facebook
  35. Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  36. Pay-per-click ads
  37. 100% knowledge of your market
  38. Pricing strategy
  39. Service levels
  40. Referral programme
  41. Creating extra value for customers
  42. Testimonials
  43. Brochures
  44. Adopting a goodwill cause and community involvement
  45. Are you (and your company systems and processes) easy to do business with?
  46. Articles that position you and your business as a trusted advisor and authority
  47. Newsletters
  48. Speed
  49. Flexibility
  50. Your Guerrilla marketing plan

Use this list to start creating your own strategy of pre-eminence. I trust that this action audit help’s your business. To YOUR success!

John Lloyd is a business growth strategist, award-winning marketer, speaker, trainer, columnist and author of the book Smart Thinking for Crazy Times.     

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