7 Key concepts to improve your Marketing and Grow your Business

  1. You are in the education business. Regardless of the business you are in, remember that you are also in the ‘information marketing’ business. Develop and offer information of profound interest to your clients and prospects. Position yourself as an expert advisor.
  2. Market and sell with a better story. Even if you sell a mundane product or service or market to a sophisticated audience, always remember that you must sell on emotion and not logic.
  3. Do direct-response marketing. Results are all that matter. Never do anything but direct-response. If you cannot measure your marketing and ruthlessly hold it to account, then don’t waste money on it. Don’t believe the advertising media consultant or agency account manager that says: “It’ll build the brand.”
  4. Create a powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The foundation of a good marketing message is an effective USP. It answers the most important question in business “Why should I, your prospect, choose to business with you versus any and every other option available to me?”
  5. Copy is everything. Contrary to all you’ve been told by ad agency staff and media reps, that short, brief copy is better than longer copy, I disagree. Effective longer copy outperforms brief copy. Short copy often leads to consumer confusion. White space is wasted space.
  6. What business are you in? You are in the marketing business. Stop seeing yourself as a retailer of a particular merchandise or a provider of a certain service. See yourself as a marketer of a business that sells your particular merchandise or service. The real money is in the marketing, not in actually doing all the tasks within the business.
  7. Improve the frequency of contact with current clients. Your current clients are your easiest source of growing your business. Simply increase and improve the contact with your existing clients and I guarantee that there is always untapped income potential within this group. Most people obsess more on trying to win new clients, many times ignoring their current clients.

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