Is your advertising effective or a waste of money?

Many business people have an inaccurate view about the difference between marketing and sales.

Most people think that you must advertise to get your name out there, so that people will be familiar with you when you attempt to sell your products or services.

So in a very myopic manner they promote their company with image (brand) advertising that shouts to the world how great they are.

They optimistically hope that the message about their brand will stick in people’s minds, never really knowing if they succeed or not. They are never sure if their marketing investment rewards them with increased sales. Some think that a catchy jingle or slogan is enough to get a flood of business.

This is the common approach to marketing and is mostly an expensive waste of money and time. Never let an advertising agency or media advertising sales rep tell you any different.

Marketing and sales have identical goals. The primary purpose of marketing and advertising is to make sales. Period!

The first solution is – If you don’t know how many measured sales your advertising is really bringing in then simply stop advertising.

Advertising must do much more than just get your name out there. It must educate, qualify, convince and persuade. Effective advertising is simply ‘salesmanship in print, word or picture’.

Think of advertising as a sales presentation that’s geared toward accomplishing a carefully defined objective, whether that objective is the actual sale, or at worst, a step toward it.

The key to profitable sales, marketing and advertising lies in the response. Yet 99% of businesses fail to ask for, and track incremental response to their advertising.

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