Build a website and they will come…or not?

One of the most costly myths of online marketing is that all the money is made by websites – while email is just a useful add-on. The reality is that it’s actually the other way around.

Websites definitely have a “build it and they will come” appeal. Simply building a site won’t ensure that you have traffic.

We’re advised to believe that it’s all about websites, because we’re used to spending money on Amazon, Kalahari, Takealot and the other big online retail sites. For those mega brands, everything does tend to revolve around the website. For the small and medium size business owners who are most successful online, their most significant profits come from their email marketing, not their websites. Obviously you need a web presence or shop window to direct people to from your emails, but it’s the consistent and effective use of email that drives customers back to your website.

Having a good website that is not reinforced with great email marketing is a common and costly business mistake.

How long did you spend planning and creating your website? How many hours did you spend thinking about it, talking to web designers and making changes and improvements to it?

How much time have you spent planning and developing an email strategy and sending powerful and compelling emails to your customers on a regular basis?

If you spent more time on the website than you have on the email marketing, you may have it the wrong way around.

Websites may have been the first wonder of the Internet, but the most powerful tool for marketing, the most powerful tool for branding, the most powerful tool for direct response, and the most powerful tool for building customer relationships is email. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy and everybody on the Internet has an address.

There are 3.2 billion email users worldwide.

It’s faster than a speeding bullet. It’s able to leap over tall assistants with a single click. Are you using it correctly and effectively to grow your business?

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