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If you know what potential customers want from you and how they want to buy it from you, you can increase your sales. You can make it easy for your customers to move effortlessly from interest to purchase, online or off. They’ll be happy to give you their money, and refer their friends.

Hi, my name is John Lloyd. I’ve been helping marketing directors, sales directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs market and sell more effectively for years.

Those who plan their marketing program succeed; those who don’t set themselves up for failure. Which are you? Ask yourself these important marketing questions…

  • Have you created a core story sales model for your business? This means that you stop TACTICALLY selling your product or service and you start STRATEGICALLY offering an education of extreme value to your prospects. With this concept, it is not uncommon for me to assist you to find ways to dramatically increase leads and customers over current methods.
  • Have you selected 1or 2 niche markets you can dominate? How are you going to dominate those niche markets? What marketing strategies will you employ to build your brand?
  • Have you positioned your business and your products and services as being a better value than competing products and services? If not, there is no tangible reason for a customer to buy from you. To be successful in business, you must show how you can provide more valuable benefits to your customers. I will help you position your company to be the best choice for your target market.
  • Have you analyzed your competition to see how they are marketing their products or services and how you can out-smart and beat them? The goal is to provide distinct and tangible value to your customers.
  • Have you effectively communicated with your customers to learn what their hot buttons are so you can tailor your marketing to say what they want to hear, so you can make more sales? My guess is no, you have not.
  • Do you have a powerful slogan that immediately tells your customers the No. 1 benefit of doing business with you? If not, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. I will help you create a powerful slogan.
  • Are you making maximum use of the Internet to generate leads and increase sales?
  • Are all of your marketing communications simple to understand and focus on the benefits your customers will receive to make their lives better? I will write powerful sales copy for all of your marketing communications materials including brochures, emails, newsletters, your website, sales letters, press releases, direct mail campaigns, print advertising, sales presentations, Power Point presentations and much more.
  • Do you have a customer referral program? If not, why not?
  • Are you paying too much for your advertising? With my proprietary process for identifying the most efficient media choices at the most cost effective prices I guarantee to double the reach, frequency, impact and results of any direct-response advertising campaign.
  • Discover then execute breakthrough opportunities. I will help you identify market opportunities that are appropriate for your business – both within your current customer base and product line and in new areas. My obsessive goal is: how do we leverage, maximize and optimize every single creative opportunity available to grow your business.

To give your marketing program the absolute best chance for success, you should consider working with us. We have the experience and knowledge to create and implement a highly successful marketing program for you. If you are serious about making your company a dominant leader in your industry, contact us today. We have produced outstanding results for our clients and we will produce outstanding results for your company too. Now take the next step.

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