Can you describe your value proposition in 12 words or less?

Recently, over coffee, a good friend and I were discussing how he could more effectively articulate and demonstrate exactly what his consulting business service offered to his clients. This got me thinking that this is the most common challenge I hear most days from business owners and managers.

The key marketing lesson is: If you cannot describe what your business does in about 12 words or less, then you don’t know what your business offers its potential customers.

And when you describe your business in 12 words or less, you should be stating the number one benefit you offer your customers. That is your value proposition.

For example, when people ask what my marketing consulting business does, I say, “I help businesses get more customers and increase sales.” You cannot get much more to the point than that.

Your customers have choices. Spend a few minutes on Google and you can find virtually anything. Want to find an accountant in Somerset West? Go online and search for your options. The power of search has made it far easier for your business to be found, but it also requires you to be much clearer about exactly what you do and what you offer.

You have about 5 seconds to explain what you do when a prospect visits your website. That’s not a lot of time to say what business you are in, and what unique impact you deliver. You basically have one sentence to explain who you are, and why a visitor should explore your site.

Now think about your business: what is the number one benefit your business offers to your actual and prospective clients and how can you describe that benefit in 12 words or less. This is how you focus your marketing, and in doing so, attract more customers and increase sales.

So take the challenge.

Describe what you offer your marketplace in 12 compelling words or less.

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