Have you tried freebie marketing?

Offering something for free to your clients and customers doesn’t sound like the smartest way to boost you profit, but executed correctly, it can do exactly that.

What can freebie marketing do for your business?:

  • View freebies as a marketing weapon, not with the mind-set that it’s simply a ‘giveaway’.
  • It allows customers to build a level of trust with you.
  • Encourage prospects to sample products and services they may not normally buy.
  • They make customers feel that they are getting something extra, especially if bundled as an extra bonus. This builds loyalty and reciprocity.
  • Freebies can be a great incentive to get existing customers to promote your business – especially in the age of social media where endorsing your product or service only takes the click of a button.

Ideas to creatively and beneficially use freebies:

  • Use a free offer to launch a new product or service and generate positive PR.
  • Find something in your business that is inexpensive for you to generate, but will have a high perceived value. This might be a high margin product or some information or expertise.
  • Use the free offer as an extra reward for loyal customers. The wording of your giveaway is important.
  • Offer an initial analysis for free if you provide a service. This will demonstrate your skills and start a relationship.
  • Offer free items as part of a competition. But, your customers must feel that there is a reasonable chance of winning.

Just about any kind of business (even service companies) can benefit by using freebies and giveaways to promote their businesses. Creatively offering something for free to your prospects helps you to reach new clients quickly and is an effective way of getting customers and prospects through the door and growing your business.

John Lloyd is a business growth strategist, award-winning marketer, speaker, trainer, columnist and author of the book Smart Thinking for Crazy Times.     

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