How to instantly grow your business 16X or more

The 80/20 Rule (or Pareto’s Principle as it is also known) means that in anything a few (20%) are vital and many (80%) are trivial. This principle is 107 years old, but is still a brilliant way to improve the focus of your marketing and business efforts.

Based on the 80/20 Rule and my own experience, only a few of your clients, marketing methods, efforts, products or services really mean anything.

Only about 20% of your marketing methods really work, they produce about 80% of your profits. The other 80% don’t work so well. They produce about 20% of your profits.

Let’s examine this a little closer. If the Vital 20% of your marketing efforts produces 80% of results, that’s a 4x output. And if the Trivial 80% of your marketing produces 20% of your results, that’s a 1/4 output. As a result, your Vital 20% is 16X more powerful than your Trivial 80%.

What does this rule mean to you and your business? That possibly 16 out of every 20 hours you spend on marketing this week (80%) is largely a waste of time.

What this simple calculation means is that there’s an easier method to dramatically higher profits staring you in the face. Spend more time, money and effort on the 20% of your marketing that produces 80% of your profits.

If your business currently has clients and revenue, then you must be doing something right. So do more of what you did to acquire those customers and less of the time-wasting stuff and your success is guaranteed.

Stop wondering how to grow your business and take decisive action. The numbers don’t lie and the answers are there, but only if you look for them. Clearly determine your Vital 20% and your Trivial 80%, then move time, money and effort from the 80% to your 20%.

Action steps:

Try this, replace just one week of low-value 80% marketing efforts with one week of high-value 20% efforts.

You will possibly enjoy a 100% growth in profits, or even better, by simply taking these 3 actions:

1.     Clearly establish the Vital 20% of your marketing efforts.

2.     Determine the Trivial 80%. Stop doing these!

3.     Measure, analyse and improve. Now focus relentlessly on the high-value 20%  activities.

To your marketing success.

John Lloyd is a business growth strategist, award-winning marketer, speaker, trainer, columnist and author of the book Smart Thinking for Crazy Times.     

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