Learn the single most important sales skill of them all

One of the most important traits in selling is the ability to build trust and respect, otherwise referred to as rapport, with a customer. The more a customer trusts, likes and respects you, the more business you will receive from that client. Period!

Look at any top producer in any field, and you will find that they are able to build rapport with clients quickly and in a way that often transcends and beats an even better-priced product or service.

But here is where most companies go wrong. While we know that building rapport is one of the most important steps in the sales process, most companies leave this vital step up to the individual salesperson. By not setting any standards in this area, client relationships will vary widely depending upon the mood, personality, attitude and talent of each salesperson.

We set standards on other sales processes. We set and measure budgets and targets. But very little is set to test the single most important sales skill of them all – RAPPORT. I also witness zero effort by companies to train and develop the rapport skills of their sales people. Train and improve the rapport skills of yourself and your sales team and I guarantee that your profits will skyrocket.

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