How to out-think, out-market, out-sell, out-manoeuvre, out-perform and out-earn your competition

Today I want to try something different. The goal of this article is to provide as many businesses as possible with an instant ‘virtual’ business growth consulting session.

The starting point for success is your own vision and image of yourself and your business. If you think you’re a commodity, a generic product, or service like any other, then that’s just what you’ll become. You’ll do the same things everyone else does, you’ll price the same way as everyone else, and you’ll sell, market, communicate, deal with people and relate to clients the same way as everyone else does. I call this game ‘following the follower’.

If you sell the same thing, at the same price, the same way as everyone else, then you must add massive value, or you will be marginalised by the marketplace. Value can be more benefits, a clearly articulated and demonstrated unique selling proposition, a better guarantee, more access, better processes or more technical support.

You’ve got to distinguish yourself, your product, your company, and your business model in ways that make you unlike anyone else, to make you more distinct, highly desirable and valuable.

I want you to evaluate the following 15 effective growth factors and ask yourself if you are doing each of them. If not, just take 3, more, or all of them, and introduce them to your business thinking and strategy. I guarantee that your business will grow. The effective growth factors are: 

  1. Developing a unique selling proposition
  2. Acquire customers at break-even upfront and make a profit on the back-end
  3. Referral systems
  4. Guaranteeing purchases through risk reversal (you eliminate every possible risk to your customers)
  5. Increasing the perceived value of your product or service through better client education
  6. Educating your clients by giving reasons why your service or product will solve problems and fill voids
  7. Improving the sales skills levels of your staff
  8. Improving your teams selling ability and techniques to up-sell and cross-sell
  9. Making irresistible offers to your prospects and customers
  10. Delivering higher than expected levels of service
  11. Communicating frequently with your clients to ‘nurture’ them
  12. Packaging complementary products and services together
  13. Increasing your pricing and therefore your margins
  14. Offering greater or larger units of purchase to improve your volumes
  15. Price incentive packages to grow the frequency of purchase

Target, implement, measure and manage these growth ideas. I wish you every success.

John Lloyd is a business growth strategist, award-winning marketer, speaker, trainer, columnist and author of the book Smart Thinking for Crazy Times.     

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