The Power of Believing

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford

A big part of your personal and business success is linked to your mindset. I am extremely fascinated in how the mind works and I spend every spare moment reading up on what affects our thinking, behaviour and actions.

Most people mistake their beliefs for the truth. Even if it’s not in their best interest, some people resign themselves to their fate because they mistakenly accept a belief as true.

The possibilities that exist in your reality are defined by your beliefs. When you say something is impossible it actually becomes impossible for you. If you believe life is difficult, you will experience things not going the way you wanted them to go as daunting obstacles rather than exciting opportunities. If you believe “I’m not capable” or “I’m not competent”, would you likely try to do something you weren’t sure you could do? And if you tried, do you think you would succeed with these self-limiting beliefs?

Beliefs operate at the subconscious level. Most people are unaware of their subconscious beliefs, which are often in conflict with their conscious thoughts. For example, a person may consciously be seeking love, but subconsciously they may feel unworthy. Unless their belief is made conscious and transmuted, it will continuously sabotage their best efforts.

We don’t believe what we see – We see what we believe! A good example is the placebo effect. Your beliefs can even directly affect your health. When pharmaceutical companies test a new drug, they do double blind studies where one group gets the real drug, while the other group gets a water tablet with nothing in it – this is known as the placebo. What’s fascinating is that a proportion of the people who get the placebo (the drug with nothing in it) get better. How do they get better? The only explanation is that because they believe they’re taking the real drug, their beliefs affect their body and their internal healing mechanism is activated. If you stop and think about that for a moment, the implications are staggering. It means your beliefs can directly influence your health. If your beliefs can help you recover from illness, do you not think it’s possible that your beliefs can also influence your business results and personal life?

The principle behind this thinking is called the Law of Attraction or “like attracts like.” In the world of quantum physics, we know that everything is energy. Everything has its own vibration, including a belief. People attract to themselves those experiences that match their existing belief system. They get to see what they believe, therefore they mostly attract what they believe (be this good or bad) – so be very careful about what you believe!

“The only ceiling in life is the one you give it.”Anonymous

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