What is the most powerful word in marketing?

Decide is the most powerful word in marketing.

Decide who you are.

Decide who your prospects are.

Decide to do your best work.

Decide to be different, unique and advantageous in the eyes of your clients.

Decide to pursue a niche market with absolute clarity.

Decide to fall in love with your clients’ products and services, not yours.

Decide to remarry all of your current and old clients.

Decide to place your clients under your protection.

Decide on your marketing strategy.

Decide on 12 marketing tactics. It’s smarter to do 12 things 1000 times, rather than 40 things 300 times.

Decide to market more consistently.

Decide to use education-based marketing as your primary tool.

Decide to leverage, optimise, maximise, magnify and multiply every asset and opportunity.

Decide to dream bigger.

Decide to act faster. It’s no longer the big that beats the small; it’s the fast that beats the slow.

Decide that expertise is only as good as the actions you take with it. Take massive action.

Decide to arm yourself.

Decide to defend your territory.

Decide to conquer your market.


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