“The training has gone down an absolute treat with the agents and the electric atmosphere in the office following your sessions are outstanding. I feel that the agents will certainly take some valuable lessons away for your sessions.” – Mike Greeff, CEO, Greeff Properties

“Of all the speakers we have had in the past few months I certainly put you ‘TOPS’ – very interesting and extremely motivating. I look forward to our next session with you. Thank you for a great training session.” – Vilma Gruneberg, Greeff Properties

“Just a short note to say thank you for THE BEST workshop I have ever attended. Not only have I learnt to BELIEVE that I can now write my own future, I am COMMITTED to be the best in what I do and I will LIVE UP to this commitment! It was an astonishing experience and I strongly believe that every person needs this training and inspiration. Huge appreciation for this amazing opportunity. I am sure that the fruits born from this experience is going to dazzle our clients. All the best and I trust that there is many more experiences like this to come.” – Almarie Gouws, BetterBond 

“I would like to thank you for an AWESOME learning experience. Having spent the last three days in training with you has certainly changed my mind set, about my career AND about life in general. I am charged and feel strong knowing that I am armed with the right ammunition to conquer the world!! All I have to do is USE what you have engraved. My wish is that all willing and able South Africans may have an opportunity to learn from you…. We will have a nation with gratitude, positive attitude, MOVERS and SHAKERS and NO NOPEY’S!!” – Cecilia Pretorius, BetterBond

“Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with our small group of publishers.  We came away armed with so many tools for our businesses, but on a personal note it was so good to come away feeling so optimistic about what is in store for us in the future!” – Caroline Richter, The Meander Chronicle

“I was one of the privileged delegates at you ‘Smart Marketing in Crazy Times’ seminar. I booked this seminar with a sceptical attitude, expecting again to be told what to do, but never HOW. Thank you for showing me the HOW TO part and for changing my attitude and thinking to a more ‘out of the box’ approach.  I would highly recommend your approach to any business as I walked away from your seminar last week feeling refreshed and ready to take up a whole lot of new challenges in building and maintaining my client base.” – Carmen Papenfus, Celeritas Recruitment Consultants

“Your ‘You!…Unlimited’ seminar was awesome. You have an amazing talent for blending spirituality with practicality. I learn something new each time I hear you speak. Any agent or sales person who hasn’t yet heard you talk can’t imagine what they’re missing.”
Samantha Du Toit, Jack Russell Estates

“Just a short note to congratulate you on your motivational presentation at the NEDBANK / PA Homeloans lunch at Emperor’s Palace – it was possibly one of the most inspiring talks I have ever heard and I can assure you I have attended many, including NAR in the US.” – Stewart Marshall, Stewart Marshall Properties

“Having had the opportunity of attending a sales conference outside of my own country, at which John Lloyd was the motivational speaker, I was highly impressed by his professional approach and by the tremendous impact of his presentations. I feel strongly that not only business people, but professional sportsmen too, shall find great benefit from these sessions.”  Hans Lederman, owner, Leveco, Switzerland (former Olympian cyclist and world-record holder and World Championship Medalist)

“WOW! That was a GREAT seminar. Thanks for sharing your expertise today. I have learned a lot and I’m even more inspired to go out there and sell.”
Carike Barnard, Volksblad