What is the most underleveraged piece of marketing information you own?

What is the most underleveraged piece of marketing information you have on your clients?

It is the amount of years that you have retained your loyal customers. Think about it! Why would you know and store this information and not use it for your benefit. Use this fact to remind your customers how you gratefully appreciate their years of support.

Clients are delighted when companies personally thank them for their consecutive years of loyalty. I assure you that this recognition cements your relationship with your customers and highlights that you care.

The more years of consecutive association, the more profitable the client is. Yet many companies spend more time and money chasing after new customers than recognising and revering the loyalty of long-term clients.

Have you called and written to every long-term customer to express your appreciation lately?

‘The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.’ – William James

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