How to become even more valuable to your top clients and prospects

Marketing for most business owners and managers is a tough challenge. It is the difference between mediocrity and making millions in your business. Any business owner that follows “Marketing Breakthroughs 2014” will agree.

Are you looking for ways to provide more value to your current client relationships and find professional ways to attract new customers?

I have a win-win proposition for you. I can help you become even more valuable to your existing customers and prospects. Everyone knows that the business who provides the greatest service usually wins the greatest loyalty from its clients.

I would like to offer to conduct a seminar, just for your business, called the “Marketing Breakthroughs 2014” and allow you to offer this session to your business clients as a gift. Marketing is the number one source of frustration for most business owners and managers, but I believe that in about 60 minutes I can provide your business audience with a real sense of what is wrong with their current marketing and what to do to get it unstuck.

Attendees value this message and you as the host can benefit from making this powerful “valued added” information available to your clients.

Delegates are enthusiastic about the valuable content I present in these marketing sessions. You can no longer simply “pitch” to your customers. It is essential that you “educate” them as well. It has become increasingly difficult to stand out and differentiate your business. Hosting a marketing workshop for your clients and prospects is a powerful way to demonstrate how much you value them as a client.

I am happy to make this event available to you at an affordable cost. Your clients and prospects will not only value that you appreciate their business, but that you are investing time, effort and expertise to improve their marketing and selling efforts. This is a game-changing differentiator. Education-based marketing is business-to-business relationship and trust building at its best.

Let’s talk about creating a workshop for your clients and adding a strategic partner to the mix. Is there another professional services firm, serving the same targeted customers as you, which would make an ideal partner with you to host an educational workshop? If you like the idea of providing high quality, educational content to your clients, let’s discuss this further.

This unique education-based marketing approach to serving your existing clients, while generating new business, will help you cut through the clutter of marketing noise and more effectively connect with customers and prospects.

I only present this powerful information to a limited number of groups so please call me on 083 638 8788 or send an email to to discuss the content for your workshop in greater detail.

I look forward to helping you grow your business.

To your business success.

John Lloyd

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