Winning the Sale with great Questions

Great quality questions provide great quality answers. In professional selling asking quality questions and really listening to the answers are two very important skills you need to master. Effective selling requires very little selling. Instead of focusing on selling, ask good questions which actually help the prospect make the buying decision for themselves.

Avoid asking poor questions like “What will it take to earn your business” or “If I could save you money, would you be interested”. These questions display a lack of sales ability. The problem with these kinds of questions is that they make you appear desperate and don’t let you gain the knowledge to present effective solutions.

Here are 20 great consultative questions that you can use to get yourself closer to the sale. Keep these in your sales kit and use them in all your calls and presentations. These will work in any sales environment.

1.     What is the biggest problem that you are facing with this?

2.     Which other problems are you experiencing?

3.     What are you currently doing to deal with the problem?

4.     If you could have things the way you wanted, what would it look like?

5.     Do you have any preference?

6.     What is important to you in finding a solution to this challenge?

7.     What are your top 3 requirements that this solution just has to have?

8.     Are you working within a budget for this?

9.     Have you got a ball-park figure in mind?

10.   Is there anything I have overlooked?

11.   Which alternatives have you considered?

12.   How soon would you like this?

13.   What would you like me to do next?

14.   Could you please give me some background on this?

15.   What 3 key outcomes do you want from this?

16.   Have I covered everything you need to know?

17.   Do you have any questions for me?

18.   How does this look/sound/feel to you?

19.   When are you looking to start?

20.   What are the next steps?

Ask questions that will make your prospects think and that will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. You also gain insight into the prospects challenges and goals. This knowledge means you will be able to present powerful solutions. Selling is not as complicated as we sometimes make it. Happy selling!

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