Why are women such good negotiators?

AS LEADERS, WOMEN RULE: New studies find that female managers outshine their male counterparts in almost every measure” – Special Report, Business Week

I regularly present a two hour seminar titled Essential Skills for the Street Smart Negotiator and I am convinced that generally speaking, women are instinctively better negotiators than men.

We live and operate in a ‘high trust’ selling environment. We are also living in a business era that I call the ‘relational marketing’ era. This “relationship stuff” comes naturally to women (it’s in their genes), but it is painfully difficult for many men.

Old school selling is dead! Endless boozy lunches are a thing of the past and so-called golf course negotiations are history. This is a time when deals are struck on high trust and powerful relationships. Women have a natural aptitude for good communication, natural empathy and softer aggression. These are all powerful characteristics that benefit the new age negotiator.

Eight strengths that make women naturally born negotiators:

1. The ability to put themselves in their counterparts shoes.

2. A comprehensive, attentive and detailed communication style.

3. A natural empathy that facilitates and builds trust.

4. They have a curious and attentive listening ability.

5. Women have a less competitive attitude.

6. A strong sense of fairness and ability to persuade.

7. They are proactive risk managers.

8. They easily understand collaborative decision-making. 

Be smart! Women should dominate your negotiating teams and processes. Even better, ensure that you have a strong representation of women at top management and board level.

“The ‘Connection Proclivity’ in women starts early. When asked, ‘How was school today?’ a girl usually tells her mother every detail of what happened, while a boy might grunt, ‘Fine.’ ” – Faith Popcorn, EVEolution

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